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    Moving Resources

    Utilities & Services 

    Who to contact to start or stop your service when moving 

    Gas & Electric: 

    PG&E – 

    Sign in to your current account or choose “customer service” and follow prompts You can also call customer service at 877.660.6789 Monday through Firday 7-9 or Saturdays 8-6 

    Water, Sewer and Refuse: 

    In the City of Santa Cruz – Choose “How do I…” and make your selection. 

    Or call 831.420.5220 

    In Watsonville For information. For Service call: 831.768.3455 

    Refuse only: 

    Refuse in Capitola, unincorporated areas and Scotts Valley 

    Trash is Greenwaste. Choose service request or call 831.426.2711  Green waste recovery. 


    Soquel Creek Water District Scroll down to start/stop service to learn what you  need to bring or call 831.475.8500. Office location is 5180 Soquel Drive Soquel. Monday – Friday 8-5 

    Scotts Valley Water District Choose the customer service menu item and select start/stop service.  Or call 831.438.2363. Office located at 2 Civic Center Drive Scotts Valley. 

    Pure Source Water 


    San Lorenzo Valley Water District for information. Call 831.338.2153 to start or stop service. 

    Forest Lakes:

    Septic Services: 

    Pete’s Outflow:831.475.0959 

    Honey Bucket man: 831.335.1393 

    Alternative Septic Maintenance: Bonny Doon Environmental Systems. 831.335.3666 Santa Cruz County Environmental Health Services: 831.454.2022 


    **Comcast/Xfinity. or visit store at 580 river Street. 800.934.6489

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